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Set up a SWISSCOIN CLASSIC node and thus contribute to the security of our SWISSCOIN CLASSIC (SICC) and receive an additional 5% of the offline wallet SICC
as staking coins. The steps are amazingly simple.

Click on the link and the WINDOWS WALLET will be installed automatically. Currently, the offline wallet only runs on Windows and Linux.
Run the file (.exe) as an administrator.

After successful download and installation, you have access to your offline wallet.

Download the offline wallet to your computer (currently Windows and Linux only).
Run the file (.exe) as an administrator.


What you should consider:

ACTIVATION of the wallet:
The wallet is ready to use after synchronizing with the blockchain. It is updated with the status of the blockchain after each start.
A green bar at the bottom left shows the status. When fully synchronized, the bar will disappear and the blockchain will be up to date.

First install your wallet on your desktop. Then open FILE and go to BACKUP WALLET.
Store your wallet on different devices, ideally on external devices.
Save the wallet.dat file, which is used for restoring your wallet e.g. is essential after a hard drive failure.

Wallet address and forwarding.
Under RECEIVE you will see your wallet address as a graphic with a QR code and the alphanumeric code.
Click COPY TO CLIPBOARD and your address will be cached.
The INSERT command inserts the wallet address into your message as an alphanumeric number without a QR code.

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